New Faces: Josh Barfuss

July 6, 2018 5:21 am

Who was that guy?

As people tuned in to the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas competition, many zeroed in one particular new face on that stage. Not a contestant, not even female—many viewers wanted to know who that handsome young man on stage escorting the beauty queens was. Well, wonder no more. That square-jawed hunk’s name is Josh Barfuss, commercial model and the latest Bench Body Model.

Josh or Aljoscha Barfuss, not surprisingly, is a man of mixed descent. He is German and Thai and has made the Philippines his home for now. He has quite a loyal following on Instagram (@joschicopter, if you want to see more of him) where he so generously shares shirtless pics with us lesser mortals. But Josh isn’t just a pretty face. He also has the heart of a poet—deep and sensitive, with a particular affinity for animals.

Want to know more about one of the freshest new talents in Manila?

Watch or read our brief interview with Josh.

Tell us your name and what you do.

JOSH BARFUSS: Hi, I’m Josh Barfuss! Right now, I’m trying my way into modelling, acting, and whatever is there open to venture.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

JOSH BARFUSS: Born and raised in a beautiful Hamburg, Germany.

How did you end up in Manila?

JOSH BARFUSS: Actually, I have to like, rewind the time like 4 years ago. I got asked by a scout if I would be interested in a place from Indonesia, but by that time I was studying so I thought ‘Oh, maybe another time’. And three years later, I think I messaged him. I told him ‘I’m down to go to Asia to do my placement’. He chose Manila. I’m supposed to stay here for three months, now I’m here for almost two years and I still love it. 

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

JOSH BARFUSS: Just whatever comes, comes in or whatever happens, happens. I’m just happy with everything that happened so far and I hope it continues to stay same way it did so far. And, I will be still as happy as I am right now. 

How did you end up with that gig in Bb. Pilipinas?

JOSH BARFUSS: So, I was invited by my manager and mentor, Jonas Gaffud to watch the Bb. Pilipinas coronation night and actually on that day I got a call saying ‘Do you have a suit and can you bring that suit on the coronation night, we have a job for you’, but I had no idea what my job was supposed to be or going to be like and when I arrived they just told me to help crown the new winners and give them some flowers and stuff like that. So yeah, it’s fun!

How was the experience?

JOSH BARFUSS: I knew something about like the pageantry and all of the beauty queens and stuff like that, but I had no idea how big of an impact the fans have, like the whole you know, the feel in that coliseum. It was something crazy and of course, I was there right in the middle when they had like their happy moment and they got their actual titles.

How did people react to you seeing you on stage?

JOSH BARFUSS: Actually, I got a lot of messages on my Instagram, on Facebook. People were tagging me, people on Instagram are following me without knowing my name because of course, I was shown on national TV, but there was no handle, there was no name or anything so I was super impressed on how people could find out my handle, my name or whatever and message me a lot. They sent me a lot of funny messages that night. 

"...I had no idea what my job was supposed to be or going to be like and when I arrived they just told me to help crown the new winners and give them some flowers and stuff like that. So yeah, it’s fun!."



You’re quite famous on Instagram. Tell us what kind of comments you get.

JOSH BARFUSS: I wouldn’t say I’m famous on Instagram but I’m happy I could, as I said like grow to my Instagram to the point where I am right now. And the messages that I receive on Instagram, they range from common ‘how are you?’ ‘what are you doing?’ ‘can we be friends?’ to more, like, deeper stories and into like more x rated comments, but it’s all good. It doesn’t hurt me at all. Send me whatever you want. I mean, you’re free to do whatever.

You appear shirtless quite often on IG. Why?

JOSH BARFUSS: Yeah, I’m quite often shirtless on my Instagram. Maybe if I would be a good artist, if I could draw or I could sing, especially well, I would post that. I just see my body as the canvas that I know. I let people be part of my journey of achieving my dream body, you know. And if I can inspire a person or two on the way, that’s even better.

How did you get your latest gig as a Bench Body Model? How did it make you feel to be a part of that?

JOSH BARFUSS: I’m still baffled by that idea that I am signed with Bench now. Actually I have this photoshoot with my friend, the photographer, Dookie Ducay. We did an editorial, not an editorial, but like a test shoot editorial underwear shoot. And I was wearing bench, so we decided to do, I could really do a marketing strategy here and just tagged Bench and it worked out. The next day, they invited me to their office and I was good to go to sign the contract to join the Bench family.

"Maybe if I would be a good artist, if I could draw or I could sing, especially well, I would post that. I just see my body as the canvas that I know."


What do you think is the biggest misconception about beauty pageant contestants?

JOSH BARFUSS: People look at them as just, like, pretty objects. It’s not just for the pageantry, it’s like for models or like actors and they don’t see the person behind like that pretty face. And of course, they have their professions from before, or they’re just a family person, a mother, anything like that. I think, I don’t need to educate people on that there’s more to the beauty pageant contestants because people that are interested in their persona, they will just get their own idea and will research about them, get to know them better and they don’t think it’s just a pretty face with no background.

If inner beauty is emphasized in beauty pageants, then what are the physical requirements upon joining it?

JOSH BARFUSS: Your body is a temple, right? Even though it’s about the beauty within, your outer shell is representing the way you treat yourself, the way you eat, the way you take care of your body (physical exercises) and I think what they need in pageantry is this whole package of someone that is in balanced, you know, inside and out.

Lastly, what is next for Josh Barfuss?

JOSH BARFUSS: If I only knew. I hope good things are continuing to fall into place for me and I hope I have the chance of showing more of my persona to all you guys, and I hope to see you around!