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People may know her as a beauty pageant titleholder after winning Miss World Philippines in 2019 and being recently crowned Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2022, or as an actress in GMA’s numerous programs, the most recent being “I Left My Heart in Sorsogon” with Heart Evangelista, Richard Yap, and Paolo Contis. However, not a lot of people may know Michelle Dee as an entrepreneur and someone who deep dives into the metaverse.


Get to know the entrepreneur side of the beauty queen in the interview below:

Before stepping into the limelight, she’s already been surrounded by entrepreneurship

It seems that having an entrepreneurial life for Michelle has just been a matter of time. Growing up, she’s already pitched numerous ideas to her family who may have been well-known in the entertainment industry but are also successful in the world of business. “…I also grew up from a very business minded [sic] upbringing with my grandfather founding Chinabank and my stepfather owning multiple businesses in the Philippines and in the US as well,” she shares as we gain another insight about her life away from showbiz.

Pursuing business was something she always wanted to do, but needed the right timing, opportunities, and sustainable idea for it.

The title of being a Tech Queen could very well be under her belt

“Not many know this but I’m a certified nerd at heart,” she admits. “When people don’t see me in front of a camera I’m usually either behind my computer just dabbling into the next new thing I can learn or figure out.”

We have our own respective splurges in life and as for Michelle, her interest lies in tech. “Tech has ALWAYS been something that I love and it shows with my purchases too (haha) I’m more guilty of being more excited about ‘the future of new tech’ or ‘the next new update’ rather than designer bags or expensive jewelry.”

Her friends would catch her watching videos such as “How an engine is made” or looking up the science behind different things. “I really don’t know how it started so maybe it’s always just been a part of me,” she says.

She’s putting her interest in tech into action

Always one to put purpose in everything that she does, Michelle combines her knack for tech and business together. She’s getting ready to take on the industry of blockchain and Web3 very soon. “We’re currently presented with a chance to make our mark for an industry as big as the internet and I just know 100% that if I don’t do anything with it then I’d regret it for the rest of my life,” she states.


“You see there are no experts in this field but only first-movers so I’m hoping to create a company that encapsulates my creativity, network, and entrepreneurship together by empowering Filipino artists, brands, and personalities into this space and showing the world…. the Metaverse rather, what we Filipinos have to offer.”

Getting to know these different facets of one of our Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2022 is definitely a treat! We’re excited about all the great things this queen will be bringing!

avana cavaso Choco_Monkey_vertical_ad.max-800x600