How Tiktok is Changing OPM Scene
How Tiktok is Changing OPM Scene According to a Music Producer

Contrary to popular opinion, OPM is not dead; it is actually flourishing

Albeit first released in 2021 as part of the Miss Universe Philippines soundtrack, Sam Concepcion’s “Diwata” still captures the TikTok audience. Aside from the video of last year’s performance where the singer-actor-performer deftly maneuvers through the outfits of the MUPH 2021 contestants, there’s also a post for this year’s performance where he impressively harmonizes with his own backing vocals. He sang “Diwata” in

both videos and just these two TikTok posts alone have garnered almost 400k likes and have become viral on the platform!

Contributing to the song being viral is the fact that it’s been used for different content such as dance challenges, song covers, or just as catchy background music. Currently the biggest platform for entertainment with over a billion downloads and users, it’s not surprising that TikTok is a powerful tool that can make songs a hit, among many other things. Safe to say, it’s also making an effect on the music industry.

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Focusing on the local, we asked singer-songwriter-music producer, Kiko Salazar – the man behind “Diwata” as well as Morisette’s “Akin Ka Na Lang”, among many others – how TikTok has been a game changer for Original Pinoy Music.

New Possibilities

For Kiko, TikTok has leveled the playing field for artists. “It has opened a lot of possibilities for any artist, old and new, to be heard and have a good spot [in] the music industry,” he observes as the biggest change brought to OPM. Apart from that, he believes that the platform has diversified the way people listen to music. “It is not genre-specific. Any music has a possibility to be heard.” This is seconded by how songs in trend range from pop music “Diwata”, to R&B/Soul courtesy of Arthur Nery’s “Pagsamo”, and hip-hop’s “To the Moon” by Nik Makino feat. Flow G.

Adapting to the Changes

When asked if he’s a fan of the changes, Kiko answers, “Not a fan, but definitely it’s a game changer and I acknowledge it. I am happy that it’s now existing.”

Acknowledging that TikTok has indeed been a game changer for the industry, Kiko admits that he may not be a fan of these changes, but is still happy that it exists. And when asked if changes were also brought to his music-making progress, he says, “Not change but it added a specific audience. I can now define if I’m writing specifically for TikTok.”

OPM is Flourishing

Contrary to the infamous statement “OPM is dead,” the industry only continues to thrive and broaden for Kiko. “Filipino music is definitely flourishing now,” he states. “The way that we are highlighting more of the singer-songwriters, the way there’s big diversity and inclusivity in all genres, and the way that it is inspiring a lot of aspiring musicians to create their own music and to not conform to any trends… it’s a good era for all Filipino musicians today.”

True enough, if we continue to support our own artists and music, then we may very well be able to change the course of the industry using not just TikTok, but also different platforms for the benefit of Original Pinoy Music.

Kiko Salazar is a decorated producer in his own right and as well as for producing the music of artists such as Moira Dela Torre and Morissette. He is also the label head of Old School Records