MUPH Delegates


Elaine Bernales, 23


Beauty with Purpose

Hailing from Daraga, Albay, Elaine Bernales stands tall as a towering beauty with a heart of gold. Graduating cum laude with a degree in biology, she harbors aspirations of becoming a dermatologist, driven by her passion for skincare and wellness.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Elaine is a proud animal welfare advocate dedicated to the well-being of our furry friends. Having triumphed over the challenges of bullying, she embodies resilience and compassion. Despite her novice status in the pageantry realm, Elaine thrives on pushing her boundaries, constantly seeking new opportunities for personal growth and positive change.


Kymberlee Street, 25


Successful Entrepreneur with passion for self-care

Kymberlee, a finance and accounting graduate, shines as a full-time model and visionary entrepreneur, founding successful ventures in skincare and modeling coaching. Her businesses not only promote self-care and confidence but also empower individuals within the industry.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Kymberlee finds joy in nature's embrace, values quality time with loved ones, and nurtures her curiosity through exploration. Dedicated to advocacy, she actively fights against human trafficking and the exploitation of children. Above all, Kymberlee's true passion lies in spreading love, encouragement, and inspiring authenticity to create a meaningful and positive impact.


Yvonnce Catamco, 22


Dreams of Becoming a Beauty Queen

Yvonne Goc-ong Catamco, a 23-year-old Tourism Management student at the University of St. La Salle, embodies resilience and courage shaped by her upbringing in a broken family. Inspired by her solo mother, she dreams not only for herself but also for those who share similar humbling experiences.

Dedicating her platform to underprivileged children, Yvonne gives back to her community through simple acts of kindness, believing in the ripple effect of her actions. With a childhood dream of becoming a beauty queen, she perseveres through challenges, fueled by her unwavering faith and connection with God, striving to bring hope and smiles to children's faces through her journey with Miss Universe Philippines.


Victoria Velasquez Vincent, 28


Architect of Purposeful Living

Victoria, an architect and heritage conservationist, wears many hats as a devoted daughter, sister, and "tita." Beyond her role in designing spaces and structures, she is passionate about personal development and inspires others to align their lives with purpose.

Driven by her and her mother's early setbacks, Victoria utilizes pageantry as a powerful platform to advocate for safe homes in both physical and emotional realms. With a visionary spirit, she aims to serve the people, conserve heritage, and uphold the bayanihan spirit, embodying her commitment to positive change.


Juvel Mangubat Ducay, 29


A Doctor Championing Healthcare and Community Well-being

Juvel is a registered pharmacist and licensed medical doctor known for her academic excellence and versatile talents. Graduating cum laude from the USC College of Pharmacy and honored as a Presidential Scholar at SWU PHINMA School of Medicine, she excels in academia while balancing various roles.

As a Cebuana, Juvel is a multifaceted force, showcasing her talents in sports, arts, and entrepreneurship. She serves as SK Chairperson and runs her own dried fish brand, "Juvel's Buwad."

Juvel's dedication extends to community well-being, advocating for quality healthcare and leading medical missions. As the first representative of Bantayan Island in the Miss Universe Philippines stage, she strives to uplift the lives of Bantayanons, Cebuanos, and Filipinos through healthcare advancement and community empowerment.


Mariztella Lat, 23


Founder Isang Lapis Isang Papel

Mariztella Ilagan Lat, a magna cum laude graduate in BSBA Major in Marketing Management from Batangas State University, epitomizes academic excellence and compassion. Her initiative, "Isang Lapis, Isang Papel: Unang Baitang Para sa Kinabukasan," extends educational opportunities to underprivileged children, reflecting her belief in providing every child a chance to thrive.

From a shy child to a transformative advocate, Mariztella's journey underscores the power of perseverance and kindness. Through her dedication to uplifting communities through education and empowerment, she inspires others to join her in creating a brighter future for all.


Tarah Valencia, 22


Championing Responsible Tourism

Tarah is a Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management with a specialization in International Tourism from the University of Baguio. Raised in Baguio City, she developed a profound passion for the tourism industry.

Driven by a desire to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism on the ecosystem, Tarah advocates for sustainability, specifically focusing on Responsible Tourism. She actively leads and participates in clean-up drives in her city, aiming to inspire both locals and tourists to engage in mindful actions towards environmental conservation.


Bianca Gaviola, 24


Artist, Empowering Through Art

Bianca Gaviola, a seasoned artist with 15 years of experience, gained widespread recognition after appearing on Pilipinas Got Talent Season 6 in 2018. Her captivating sand art painting, inspired by her upbringing with a single mother, resonated deeply with audiences worldwide, sparking meaningful conversations on television and social media.

Driven by her passion for leveraging art for social change, Bianca initiated the "Trash to Life" advocacy in collaboration with the Tagbilaran city government. This initiative transforms recycled plastics into functional items and provides livelihood opportunities for women and out-of-school youth. Bianca remains committed to using her talent to uplift communities and inspire positive change, embodying the belief that art has the power to transform lives.


Natasha Jane Bajuyo, 22


Project Babae Leader

Natasha, a 4th-year Biology student from Bukidnon, aspires to attend medical school. Raised by a mother who overcame domestic violence, Natasha now runs Project BABAE to promote respect for women and children, addressing domestic issues one community at a time.

Inspired by her mother's resilience and guided by her foster father, Natasha is determined to be an inspiration for women and children in her community. Through Project BABAE, she advocates for a future where every woman and child is treated with dignity and respect, striving to make a positive impact on families and communities facing domestic challenges.


Chelsea Manalo, 24


Championing Indigenous Youth Education

Chelsea Anne Manalo, a Filipino-American raised in Meycauayan City, Bulacan, is a graduate of a tourism college and has been gracing magazines, commercials, and print ads as a model since the age of 14. With a deep passion for music and dancing, Chelsea's journey into the world of beauty pageants began during her high school years.

Chelsea is a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment, focusing on children's education, especially among indigenous communities. Her advocacy aims to provide opportunities for indigenous youth to access quality education and unlock their full potential.


Daniel Alcantara Villar, 25


Empowering Women Through Sampaguita

Meet Daniella Alcantara Villar, a 25-year-old Tourism Management student at DGDLFCCCI in Cabanatuan City. To support her studies , Daniella offers lunch meals in school just like how women’s of her city who create and sell sampaguita leis for a living.

Despite being lesser-known, Cabanatuan City is renowned for its Sampaguita flowers. She understands the struggle firsthand of these women that's why Miss Universe Philippines is more than just a personal goal for Daniella.

It's an opportunity to reach a broader audience for sustainable livelihood projects, focusing on single moms, elderly individuals, and out-of-school youth women involved in manufacturing the city's famous National Flower, Sampaguita.


Lynn Eirene Lomongo, 18


Youngest Delegate Embracing Diversity

Lynn Eirene, the youngest contender this year from Cagayan de Oro, champions the transformative power of education, reflecting her parents' profound influence. With a stellar academic record from elementary to senior high school, she embarks on a new chapter pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management.

Beyond academia, Lynn passionately advocates for body positivity, challenging societal norms and embracing the beauty of diversity. She believes in celebrating all forms, from fair-skinned to dark, petite to curvy, emphasizing that everyone deserves love, respect, and acceptance.


Stacey Daniella Gabriel, 26


A Storyteller, Championing Her Lola’s Legacy

Stacey is dedicated to preserving the stories of Filipino women, particularly her grandmother, who initiated a prison ministry supporting 700 senior citizen inmates. Continuing her grandmother's legacy of compassion and service, Stacey and her mother uphold a tradition of love and care for all.

As a climate champion, Stacey founded "GABRI," a sustainable swimwear brand, to promote a thoughtful and renewable future, merging her passion for fashion with environmental advocacy.

She is also an actor driven by a desire to cultivate empathy through storytelling, shares her journey of resilience while battling anxiety and OCD, aiming to inspire others to embrace vulnerability as a source of strength.


Rosy / Rosa Rethiana, 23


Successful Entrepreneur and A Testament to Determination

From a young age, Rosy faced the challenges of independence, navigating life without both parents by her side. Undeterred by adversity, she embarked on a journey of self-reliance, taking on various marketing roles, singing gigs, and modeling to support her studies at the tender age of 17.

Today, Rosy is a shining example of resilience and determination, having built a successful career as an entrepreneur. She is the proud owner of two lugaw franchises and a pest control services company. Additionally, Rosy is a passionate advocate for child nutrition, spearheading her first charity project in 2020. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that with unwavering dedication and hard work, no obstacle is insurmountable.


Dia Maté, 22


Singer-Songwriter, Empowering Through Music

Dia Maté, a singer-songwriter-producer celebrated by Spotify's RADAR program, has an ultimate goal of establishing sustainable, scalable, and impactful programs centered around music. These programs prioritize mental health awareness and support for marginalized groups, particularly abused girls. Dia's message focuses on letting go, looking towards the future, and using one's voice to create positive change.

Since childhood, Dia has been actively involved in volunteer work, supporting causes like CRIBS and Chosen Children Village, and participating in disaster relief efforts in Cavite. She has lent her talent to numerous fundraising and awareness events for organizations such as Kids For Kids, UNICEF, TAKBO, and KAMALAYAN.


Kris Tiffany Janson, 34


TV Host, Public Servant Empowering Filipinas

Kris Tiffany Janson, a native of Cebu City and a Management Accounting graduate from the University of San Carlos, has spent over a decade as a TV commercial model and host. She's known for her travel shows "Like Pinas" and "Cooltura," uncovering hidden treasures across the Philippines. Kris also represents cultural exchange programs, notably in Japan.

Currently serving as Deputy Protocol Officer for the Mayor of Cebu City and President of the League of Cities of the Philippines, Kris is dedicated to empowering women of all backgrounds. Through mentorship and advocacy, she encourages women to pursue their dreams and shares her expertise in personality development to uplift Filipinas.


Maria Isabel Pelayo, 24


Actress and Championing Eco-Tourism

Isabel is not just an aerial and pole dance instructor but also a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Ateneo de Davao University. Despite being relatively new to the pageant scene, she made a remarkable debut by clinching the crown at Mutya ng Dabaw 2023. Her talents extend beyond the stage, as evidenced by her Best Actress win at the Mindanao Film Festival 2020 for a short film entry.

Driven by a deep appreciation for Davao's efforts in ecotourism, Isabel has partnered with a foundation dedicated to promoting environmental preservation. Through initiatives like hiking, tree planting, and engaging with local tribes, she actively supports the conservation of the environment, recognizing its significance in preserving the cultural identity of indigenous groups.


Joanna Concepcion Puyod Yulo, 39


Empowering Women, Embracing Motherhood

Johanna, a Mass Communications graduate from Ateneo de Davao University, balances multiple roles as a fashion model, ballerina, and servant leader in the Handmaids of the Lord. Breaking barriers as a mom entrepreneur at 39, she draws strength from her past experiences as a Lead Cabin Attendant, Department Manager, and Ambassador.

An advocate against violence targeting women and children in the Davao Region, Johanna's personal journey through trauma fuels her passion to save lives and raise awareness. Her presence in the Miss Universe Philippines platform serves as a voice for the voiceless, highlighting the importance of addressing these pressing issues.


Matea Mahal Smith, 22


From Athletic Dreams to Mental Health Awareness

Matea Mahal Smith, diagnosed with a congenital hip disorder at sixteen, navigated a shift from athletic dreams to battling mental health struggles. Finding solace in supporting children at the Maya's Hope Foundation, she became an advocate for mental health awareness through her initiative, "MAHALaga Ka."

Apart from advocacy, Matea excels as an international model, athlete, competitive dancer, and philanthropist. She volunteers for the United Nations, supporting Tanzanian girls, and contributes to the Filipino Youth Community in Florida. Recognized for her philanthropic efforts, she received a Medal of Excellence from the Global Academy for Human Excellence.

Currently on a full-academic scholarship at the University of Florida, Matea studies Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience on the pre-medical track, driven by her aspiration to become a trauma surgeon and uplift lives.


Patricia Bianca Tapia, 25


Bridging Gaps and Champions Inclusive Education

Bridging Gaps and Champions Inclusive Education

Bianca, a fearless water enthusiast, entrepreneur, and advocate hailing from the beautiful islands of Hawai’i, is a beacon of empowerment and inclusivity. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from UC Davis and a Master’s in Management and Leadership from Pepperdine University, she passionately champions inclusive education, drawing from her own journey growing up with a hearing impairment.

At just 26 years old, Bianca leads one of the largest Filipino-owned nonprofits in the West Coast, dedicated to bridging educational and socioeconomic gaps for Filipino immigrants and local communities. Through engaging dialogues with educational institutions, she shapes policies and inspires students with her empowering talks, leaving a lasting impact on future generations. Bianca's tireless advocacy and dedication exemplify her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.


Alexie Brooks, 22


Lola’s Girl and Championing Women Empowerment Through Sport

Alexie, affectionately known as Xiexie among her closest friends, has been a lifelong advocate of sports and holistic development. Despite facing bullying throughout her life due to her skin color and unique curly hair, she found solace and empowerment through sports, breaking free from the cycle of discrimination. Now, she channels her energy towards empowering women, aiming to provide Filipinas with the same opportunities she found through sports with her advocacy, Abanse Babaye.

Currently pursuing a degree in BSBA Marketing Management at the National University Manila campus, Alexie attributes her passion for women's empowerment to her Lola, Lola Basing. Growing up, she sold vegetables with Lola Basing at a local market in Iloilo City, making her Lola her biggest inspiration for advocating women's rights and opportunities.

Kananga_Torita - Aragon Jude

Phoebe Arrianna Torita, 18


Gymnast and A Spirited Force of Compassion

Phoebe Arrianna Veloso Torita, a dynamic 1st-year college student with a passion for tourism, rhythmic gymnastics, and entrepreneurship, is poised to make a lasting impact. Balancing her academic pursuits with her role as a varsity rhythmic gymnast and entrepreneur managing her family's farms, Arrianna embodies dedication and versatility.

With a heart devoted to supporting local farmers and a commitment to community, Arrianna finds solace on the yoga mat and expresses her creativity through baking, singing, and arts and crafts. Her guiding motto, "Gratitude is a magnet for miracles," underscores her positive outlook on life and her unwavering commitment to supporting those who cultivate the land.


Alexandra Rosales, 27


A Champion for Responsible Pet Ownership

Alexandra Rosales, representing the Province of Laguna, embodies compassion and dedication as she advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership. With a furry family of thirteen, including five rescues, she tirelessly promotes the #NotOneMoreDeathFromRabies campaign as a volunteer for CARA Philippines. Alexandra also organizes free spaying and neutering services in her hometown, in partnership with the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) and the LGU of Calamba, Laguna.

As the Founder and CEO of ALAGA Philippines and ALAGA Vet-To-Go, Alexandra pioneers the country's first subscription-based pet care brand, supporting pets and pet owners. Moreover, she shares her expertise as an educator at De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde, shaping minds and nurturing compassion among her students.


Angel Rose Tambal, 25


Yolanda Survivor, Engineer and Singer Songwriter

A two-time survivor, Angel defied the odds from the moment of her miraculous birth in 1998 and persevered through the devastation of the 2013 Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Yolanda's impact served as a catalyst for Angel's engineering career, driving her passion for improving water and sanitation access for Leyteños. Currently employed at the Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office VIII, Angel holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Eastern Visayas State University and is pursuing a Master's in Public Resource Management at her Alma Mater.

Angel has a diverse background that includes managing her family business and showcasing her talents as a singer-songwriter. She previously competed in Talentadong Pinoy on TV5, demonstrating her multifaceted abilities and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.


Rikki Abuel Dela Pena, 25


Empowering Youth Through Fashion and Education

Rikki is a dynamic individual with a passion for fashion, education, and entrepreneurship. Holding a degree in Business Management from the University of Asia and the Pacific and having completed an entrepreneurship course at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Rikki is not only a fashion events producer, model, and entrepreneur but also a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Rikki is committed to empowering today's youth through education and self-love. As an ambassador for education at the ERDA Foundation since 2019, she supports youth scholars through donation drives and motivational talks, emphasizing the importance of education in achieving one's dreams.


Victoria Leslie Ingram, 27


Singer and Advocate for Health Equity

Victoria, a 27-year-old registered nurse with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, is a compelling blend of Filipina and Black American heritage. With a passion for healthcare and music, she champions the mission of "Healthcare for All", aiming to promote equitable access to essential healthcare services, including nutrition, immunization, maternal health, and mental health awareness programs.

Victoria is also a talented vocalist who has participated in national singing competitions such as Little Big Star Cebu Season 2, ABS-CBN’s The Voice Philippines Season 1, GMA 7’s Protégé, TV 5’s Rising Star Philippines, and It’s Showtime: Tawag ng Tanghalan. Additionally, she has written and released her first single, "Soothe," on Spotify and contributed to song campaigns for various companies in Cebu.


Ysabel Macuja, 20


Athlete and Advocate for Alzheimer’s Disease

Keana Ysabel Macuja, a 20-year-old Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate Management student at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, is a multi-talented athlete excelling in various sports. From varsity volleyball in high school to wakeboarding, flag football, golf, and Padel, her dedication to sports mirrors her approach to life - eager and determined.

As the eldest daughter among three siblings raised by a single mother, Ysabel became her mother's primary emotional support system, inspiring her to advocate for empowering single mothers through emotional and communal support. She also raises awareness for Alzheimer's disease, driven by her grandmother's battle with the illness.


Elle Valderama Hollman, 32


Single Mom and Advocate for Women and Children

Elle boasts a diverse background in runway modeling, event hosting, and sports casting, particularly for football and basketball. Beyond her entertainment endeavors, she's a former cheerleading flyer and a devoted single mother to two remarkable children.

Driven by her personal journey, Elle is a fervent advocate for women and children impacted by domestic violence. Through collaborative efforts with local government units and non-governmental organizations, she actively works to enact positive change in their lives.


Mary Yasol, 32


A Survivor Building Business Empires

Mary May Yasol, a Miami-based entrepreneur, has established her empire in real estate, beauty, and wellness through unwavering determination. Beyond her thriving businesses, she prioritizes philanthropy within both the Filipino and American communities, striving to uplift women and children by creating opportunities.

Despite facing the challenges of domestic abuse, Mary is fueled by a desire to inspire others and prove that resilience and perseverance pave the way to a fulfilling life. As a prominent figure in the business world, she is passionate about instilling empathy and social responsibility in fellow entrepreneurs and leaders.

Mary's overarching goal is to enhance humanity while fostering stronger global connections through the creation of new opportunities in business, tourism, and charity within the Filipino-American community.

NAIC_GUIRAL_HEAD SHOT 2 - msuniversenaic

MR, 23


Welder, Empowering Through Service

Mary Rose Andal Guiral, a 23-year-old resident of Naic, Cavite, is a dynamic individual passionate about education and service. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, she is also a model, beauty queen, public servant, events host and coordinator, private tutor for kids with special needs, and an advocate for agricultural innovation and education to alleviate poverty in the Philippines.

Raised in an orphanage and facing extreme poverty, Mary Rose's journey is marked by resilience and determination. Despite her challenges, she holds an NC2 certification as a welder, is a lady rider, and enjoys traveling. She also volunteers for One by One, a global organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of vulnerable individuals worldwide.


Kayla Carter, 27


Inspiring Resilience and Education Advocacy

Kayla, a Fil-Am representing Northern California, traces her familial roots to Talisay, Cebu, where her heart belongs to the youth of the Philippines. With a strong belief in equal educational opportunities for all Filipinos, Kayla aims to shed light on communities with limited access to schooling.

As a survivor of bullying and Von Willebrand's disease, Kayla serves as a beacon of resilience, inspiring the youth to dream big and ignore doubters. She emphasizes that anything is possible with determination.

Moreover, Kayla seeks to exemplify that true beauty lies in kindness and that women are more than their outward appearance. She champions the idea that women are intelligent and resilient beings with the power to shape the future.


Maica Cabling Martinez, 30


Cum Laude and Advocate for Women Empowerment

Maica Cabling Martinez, a proud Nueva Ecijana, is a versatile individual known for her roles as an International and Philippine Beauty Queen, Professional Event Host, Model, Ambassadress, Digital Creator, and Youth Leader. With a Cum Laude degree in Mass Communication from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Maica is committed to continuous learning, holding numerous course certificates in various fields.

Recognized as an Outstanding Woman Awardee, Maica champions women's empowerment through her "BABAE, hindi ka kulang o sobra SAPAT KA!" campaign. She also advocates for the Agriculture Sector and mental health awareness, representing the Philippines in international forums. Maica is dedicated to using her platform to create positive change in her community and beyond.


Zoleil, 23


Empowering Mangyan Communities with a Passion

Zoleil Mellane Taño, a 23-year-old youth leader from the picturesque province of Occidental Mindoro, embodies the values of compassion and perseverance instilled by her hometown. With a passion for championing the livelihood, education, and empowerment of the Mangyan community, Zoleil is actively involved with the Rotaract Club of Divine Word College San Jose and leads various personal initiatives.

Currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management at the Divine Word College of San Jose, Zoleil exemplifies resilience and determination in her academic pursuits while aiming to support her family and become a successful entrepreneur.

Beyond her academic and community engagements, Zoleil finds joy in dancesports, where she regularly competes. She firmly believes that individuals and communities can shine in the universe by embodying empathy, kindness, resilience, and determination, ultimately working towards building a better future for all.


Hershey Mhae Senit, 18


Fur Mom, Defying Limits Beyond Epilepsy

Hershey Mhae, an 18-year-old student, is the very first representative of Pagadian City in the Miss Universe Philippines pageant. Born and raised in the vibrant city known as the Little Hong Kong of the South, Hershey embodies the spirit of determination and resilience. As a fur mom to a cat and dog, an explorer, and an epilepsy warrior, Hershey believes that true beauty shines from within. Despite facing challenges, including her epilepsy diagnosis, she remains steadfast in pursuing her dreams.

Beyond pageantry, Hershey finds joy in her love for animals, exploring new places, indulging in local coffee shops, reading poetry books, swimming, surfing, and learning new things. Her journey took an unexpected turn with her epilepsy diagnosis, but she refuses to let it define her. Instead, Hershey aims to inspire others by showing that sickness isn't a hindrance, but a catalyst for growth.


Raven Doctor, 18


Island Girl and Advocate for Environmental Preservation

Raven Doctor, a communications major at National University, aspires to become a lawyer someday to contribute positively to her country. Raised in a community where community service is highly valued, she began volunteering for underprivileged children in rural parts of Palawan as a child. This early involvement inspired her to enter the pageant world with the goal of initiating positive changes in her home province of Palawan.

Growing up in Honda Bay, a community-based tourist spot in Palawan, Raven developed into a sensible island girl with a passion for environmental preservation. In addition to her advocacy work, she is an active student leader, a lover of arts and culture, and a dreamer with a humble story to share.

Raven Doctor's journey embodies the spirit of hope, determination, and a commitment to making a difference in her community and beyond.


Cyrille Payumo, 26


Empowering Aeta Communities and Embracing Cultural Diversity

Aside from pageantry, Cyrille is known for her achievements as a fashion model and her current venture into the realm of real estate. A graduate of Holy Angel University with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management degree, Cyrille advocates for preserving the culture and livelihood of the Aeta community in Porac, Pampanga.

Within the Aeta community, Cyrille found strength and acceptance, and her story serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing and cherishing cultural diversity. She is dedicated to fostering inclusivity, understanding, and respect in society, empowering communities to thrive while honoring their heritage.

Cyrille's commitment to cultural preservation and community empowerment is a testament to her unwavering dedication to creating a more harmonious and inclusive world.


Grace Jineah Chua Lumague, 22


A Voice for Women and Children's Rights

Grace Jineah Chua Lumague, 22 years old and a second-year nursing student at the University of Baguio, boasts an impressive track record. Inspired by her parents, both of whom work in the medical field, she chose nursing to follow in their footsteps.

A passionate advocate for women and children's rights, Grace is deeply moved by news of violence against them, compelling her to fight for their voices to be heard and to save them from all forms of violence in the community. She aspires to be the embodiment of hope in this aspect of life, believing that fighting for their rights will give them the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. Grace Jineah Chua Lumague is dedicated to being a beacon of hope and empowerment for women and children in her community.


Selena Reyes, 38


Wife, Mother and Superbods Ageless Division Winner

Hailing from Pasig City, Selena is a remarkable individual with a diverse background. As a former gymnast, pre-school teacher, and entrepreneur, she has demonstrated resilience in overcoming various challenges, including her husband's battle with cancer. This experience has fueled her dedication to family and wellness.

Now, at 38 years old and a mother of two, Selena is also the proud winner of the Superbods Ageless Division. As she represents Pasig in Miss Universe Philippines 2024, she passionately advocates for physical and mental wellness. Selena's story serves as a reminder that dreams have no expiration date – regardless of age, aspirations remain valid. She is an inspiring example of resilience and a dedicated advocate for holistic wellness.


Lorraine Ojimba, 25


A Symphony of Strength and Diversity, From Challenges to Crown

Lorraine Ojimba is an accomplished individual with a mixed Filipino-Nigerian heritage. Despite facing challenges such as racial criticism, colorism, and the loss of her mother, she tenaciously pursued her dreams and succeeded as a singer, model, host, writer, and voice-over artist. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree from New Era University, Lorraine now proudly represents Quezon City in Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

She aims to be the embodiment of perseverance and determination, proving that passion and drive can pave the way for advocating in areas lacking representation. Eager to embrace the moment and maximize her platform, Lorraine is determined to inspire everyone, showcasing that regardless of background or circumstances, one can break barriers and be limitless. Lorraine Ojimba stands as a beacon of diversity, resilience, and empowerment.


Ma. Ahtisa Manalo, 26


From Dreams to Enterprise, Empowering Lives in Quezon and Beyond

Ahtisa is an entrepreneur hailing from Quezon Province. Despite growing up without privilege, she honed her entrepreneurial skills early in life. After completing her degree in Accountancy from Enverga University in Candelaria, Quezon, she took a bold step and founded a Food and Beverage Company at the age of 21. Today, her company provides jobs and opportunities for a thousand Filipinos, showcasing her dedication to empowering her community.

Ahtisa collaborates with Alon Akademie, an organization dedicated to empowering Filipino youth to pursue their dreams through entrepreneurial education. Her story serves as an inspiration to others, proving that one's life circumstances do not define their potential. Through her work and advocacy, she aims to inspire individuals like herself to dream big and pursue their aspirations fearlessly.


Stephanie Faye Gerona, 27


Mother, Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Stephanie supports local fishermen, farmers, and delicacies through her business, Victorias Kusina. Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, she is a Registered Nurse and a devoted mother to three incredible children. Stephanie instills in them the values of prayer, humility, sharing, and connecting with nature.

Stephanie Faye Gerona has lived in the three major islands of the Philippines—Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao—immersing herself in the beauty and diversity of her homeland. As a passionate scuba diver, her love for the Philippines is as deep as the ocean she explores.

Stephanie's mission is to inspire others to embrace continuous growth and learning, navigating life's journey with courage and hope. She embodies the spirit of resilience and celebrates the richness of Philippine culture and diversity in all her endeavors.


Eunice Deza, 23


Modern Leader and Empowering Youth Through Beauty

Eunice, a vibrant 23-year-old beauty queen, ramp model, certified guest service associate, and licensed financial advisor from San Pablo City, shines both on and off the runway. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management from De La Salle Lipa, she effortlessly merges her passion for fashion with a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. Beyond the glitz and glamor, Eunice fervently advocates for youth empowerment, using her platform to address critical national and global issues. With her magnetic presence and unwavering dedication, she epitomizes the essence of a modern young leader, igniting change and inspiring hope worldwide. Eunice stands as a beacon of empowerment and leadership, lighting the way for a brighter future for generations to come.


Joshell De Ocampo, 26


Empowering Through Beauty and Advocacy

Leveraging her love for pageantry, Joshell supports herself and her family as a beauty queen. She is also a freelance virtual assistant and a former call center agent at a well-known BPO company in Mindanao. With a degree in Business, majoring in Financial Management, Joshell dreams of owning a business in the fashion and beauty industry. She is dedicated to helping children and youth build self-confidence and realize their full potential by serving as a model and trainer in modeling agencies, offering her services for free. In addition to her work in the fashion industry, she is an advocate for mental health awareness and personal growth. Through her advocacy, she hopes to inspire others to find their own strength and happiness.


Jet Hammond, 25


Wife, Hollywood Actress and Healthcare Advocate

Janet is an award-winning entrepreneur, actress, and Filipino immigrant representing Southern California. Since immigrating to the United States at the age of 17, Janet has carved out her own path in business through ventures like Jet Transport and Pacific Sun Hospice, and in Hollywood as a Filipina actress. As a #WomanInHealthcare, she advocates for Healthcare Awareness, Accessibility, and Affordability in the Philippines, collaborating with local organizations such as Health Futures Foundation and Likhaan Organization. As a married woman and member of the Filipino community abroad, she aims to share the untold stories of Filipinos overseas, inspiring individuals across the universe to embrace their identity, rise above challenges, and fearlessly pursue their dreams, regardless of circumstance or status. Her journey embodies resilience, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to uplifting her community.


Jenina Anne Lui, 21


Taekwondo Champion and Advocate for Filipino Heritage

Jenina Lui is a valedictorian, an academic and elite athlete scholar, and an Accounting graduate. Her achievements extend beyond the classroom as she is also a successful taekwondo champion, clinching National Championships and international titles multiple times. Deeply committed to community service, Jenina founded the Hello Philippines Youth Tour Program, which aims to connect Filipino overseas youth with their heritage. Despite being a simple and quiet achiever, Jenina's love for her faith, family, and Filipino heritage shines through in all her endeavors. With a heart dedicated to modeling the values of a true Filipina, Jenina Lui strives to inspire young Filipinos overseas to foster a love for the Philippines, its culture, and country. She stands as an inspiring ambassador of the Filipino spirit, encouraging others to embrace their roots and heritage with pride.


Tamara Ocier, 23


Yolanda Survivor and Advocate for Academic Excellence

Facing the challenges of being a Yolanda survivor, Tamara Ocier has always stood tall in her academic pursuits, consistently excelling in her studies. She is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree from the University of the Philippines - Tacloban. Beyond her academic achievements, Tamara is a dynamic participant in various co-curricular activities. She is a member of a dance troupe, serves as a band majorette, engages in student journalism, and holds the position of Vice President for Communication of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) - UP Tacloban Chapter. She also aims to advocate for the rights of women and young girls, particularly focusing on Women’s Menstrual Health, believing that her voice can bring about meaningful change.


Christi Lynn Landrito McGarry, 33


Eco-Tourism Advocate and Adventurous DJ

Representing the City of Taguig, Christi is a 33-year-old Filipino-American TV personality, professional model, host, DJ, and creative with a background in marketing. Known for her vibrant personality and dynamic career, she is also a wellness advocate and adrenaline seeker who thrives on adventure and staying active. Beyond her career in entertainment and marketing, Christi has a deep connection and profound love for travel and nature. As a travel show host, she is passionate about promoting the Philippines and preserving its natural beauty.

Sustainability and eco-tourism are at the forefront of her advocacy, as she seeks to inspire others to explore the wonders of nature while promoting responsible travel practices. Christi Lynn L. McGarry is a dedicated champion of eco-tourism and adventure, committed to making a positive impact on both the environment and the travel industry, all while bringing her energetic spirit to the DJ booth.


Josephine Paaske, 21


Multicultural Trailblazer

Mary Josephine Paaske, born to a Danish father and a Filipina mother, embodies ambition and determination. Moving independently to Talisay City at 19, she pursued dreams of fashion design and flight attending. A creative force, Mary Josephine transforms secondhand clothes into stylish statements. Despite her aspirations, she remained grounded in family values, supporting them by raising farm animals and selling goods. As a scholar at the Philippine State College of Aeronautics, she excelled in sports as a varsity futsal player. Fluent in Danish, English, Tagalog, Bisaya, and Ilonggo, Mary Josephine is a testament to resilience and multiculturalism.


Kim Irish Placibe, 19


From Plumbing to Inspiring Change through Social Justice

Kim Irish Placibe's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazer in the field of plumbing is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite facing adversity, she excelled as one of the first female holders of the National Certificate 2 in Plumbing, inspiring others with her tenacity.

Kim's leadership skills were evident as she served as the voice of her peers and advocated for positive change as a student leader. During the pandemic, she provided support and guidance as the Supreme Student Government President, while also graduating as the batch valedictorian.

Passionate about education and social justice, Kim is dedicated to ensuring quality education for marginalized children in Toledo City. Her efforts, alongside collaborating with SK Chairpersons, aim to break barriers to education access, promising a brighter future for generations to come.


Zhyra, 20


From Valedictorian to Pageant Queen, Champion of Compassion and Resilience

Zhyra Mae Cabalza, a valedictorian graduate of Capatan Integrated School, has achieved high academic excellence during secondary and upper secondary education and is now in her third year of BS Medical Laboratory Science at Cagayan State University- Andrews Campus. Zhyra is not only a Civil Service Professional Level Passer but also an accomplished pageant contestant, securing the titles of Miss Glamorosa Capatan 2022 (her debut pageant) and Miss Tuguegarao City 2023.

Beyond titles and accolades, her compassionate heart drives her to uplift others through Project NGITI: Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Individuals. She brings smiles to children’s faces, engages in whispered conversations with the elderly, and shares embraces with the marginalized. Despite battling social anxiety for years, Zhyra’s unshakeable faith has guided her through stormy seas, making her an artist of resilience and a poet of courage. Her stature may be modest, yet her capabilities know no bounds. With faith, she defies impossibilities.


Christina Dela Cruz Chalk, 30


Seizing Opportunities and Building Community

Affectionately known as Tinay, she is a 30-year-old Global Filipina from Dunblane, Scotland, with a knack for seizing opportunities. Growing up, her Filipino family nurtured her passions for dancing and singing while instilling in her a curiosity for diverse cultures. After earning her Pharmacology Degree at The University of Glasgow in Scotland, she embraced her family’s advice to grasp every opportunity, leading to a multifaceted career spanning hospitality, technology, fashion, and real estate, taking her across the globe. Christina's impactful initiative involves founding a global women’s collective supporting mental health and fostering community. She embodies seizing opportunities to create a positive global impact through connection-building.


Denise Nicole or Denise, 29


Advocate, Mother, and Global Citizen

Denise, a mother, former commercial model, influencer, activist, and business professional, was born in the Philippines. She received a broad education from various school systems while living in the Philippines, Japan, and the USA. Fluent in English, Tagalog, and Japanese, she identifies as a “third culture kid” with a passion for advocating equal rights and volunteering for various causes. As an ambassador for Greenpeace and other international nonprofits, she has dedicated herself to advocating for foster children and food banks. Denise believes that motherhood has empowered her to overcome self-limiting beliefs and embody her best self. She takes immense pride in her heritage and eagerly anticipates her homecoming to continue her legacy within the Filipino-American community.


Anita, 22


Championing Education Equity

Growing up in poverty didn't hinder Anita's dreams; instead, it fueled her determination to succeed. She was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Customs Administration as a 4P’s recipient and a Scholar ng Bayan. She always had a passion for serving her community and helping those who were in the same situation she had been through, which led her to advocate for accessible education. Anita became a pursuer and founder of the Para kay Juan at Juana Project.

She hoped to inspire others to make a positive impact in their communities as well, and for them to continue working towards empowering each other to build a future where equality and opportunity prevail.